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My Beloved children,

I greet you this day with news of great joy. The time is coming for your progression to the realm of perfection. The cares of your world will soon be no more and you will have arrived at a place of peace and neutrality, where you may spend your days remembering your sacred truth and the truth of all that is.

I speak to you of the coming promise of a time when you will have 1000 years of peace and joy. This blessing has been a promise and soon will be your reality. I tell you this at this time, so that the coming days will be filled with hope. I know the longing of your hearts to feel the oneness of love. I know the separation from that love and the loneliness that you have felt.

I have promised you that when the time came for the preparation for the journey to the realm of promise, that I would send forth messages of hope, so that you would know and remember. It is now the time and I am sending you this message of hope from My Heart.

You have journeyed the path of learning and experience. It has been a most glorious journey, filled with adventures and many wonderful experiences and expressions of love. I am most pleased.

I feel your desires to come home. I know of your longing to complete this journey and I know of My promise to you. It is time. The preparations are being made. It is only for you to choose the time.

Know that you do not walk alone. You have many blessed ones who are with you to assist you. My Heart is with you through every step you take and every choice you make.

Allow yourself to feel the peace of this. Place your hand upon your heart and feel my love. Feel My Heart beating in unison with yours. I have never left you My Beloved.

Soon we will embrace, and you will know the fullness of the joy that I feel as I look upon you. Be at peace and know that you are loved.

With Great love,

Your Beloved Mother



My Beloved Children,

I would like to tell you a story. Many years ago we met together in a great counsel. A plan was proposed for a journey that would allow you to grow and expand your love consciousness. We talked over the details and made sure that all understood the plan and the purpose.

Part of the foundation of the plan was the principle of free will. It was proposed that all choices would be honored, allowing the ability to freely choose with no concept of any punishment.

As you thought over the possibilities, you became very excited about the journey. Each decided for them self whether they wanted to experience this journey or not. Some choose to stay home and their choices were honored. You chose to come and participate on this most magnificent journey.

As you prepared, we talked over the many experiences you wanted to have. You made choices and plans, choosing many pathways and roles to play.

The plan was than put into placement and the journey began. It has been a most glorious journey allowing you each to have many new experiences and opportunities to learn and grow. Your Father and I have watched you and have been very pleased with each choice that you have made. All choices allow experience, expression and the opportunity to learn and grow.

It is now time to complete this journey and prepare for the pathway home. You have waited for this time of promise and it is now. The preparations are in place. It will be most glorious to cross to the realm of promise and there in a blanket of peace and neutrality, spend time remembering your truth.

After this sacred time of peace, you will make the journey home. We will celebrate all that has been learned and experienced. The evolution of your love consciousness and the expression of your heart will be celebrated in great joy.

It is a most glorious journey in the days ahead. Know that you are love. That you were created in great love, and are always a part of the sacred Oneness of love. We are the same My Children. I love you My Beloved Children. Look upon this time as a time of rejoicing for you have accomplished your desires and are now coming to the awareness of your sacred self. You are love.

With Great love,

Your Beloved Mother



My Beloved Children,

Many years ago in a small quiet village it was decided by the village elders that a place of great joy, and respect was what they desired. And so it was decided that within this village all freedom of choice was to be honored and respected. This brought about a great opening of the hearts of the people as they felt the great support of the village in their lives as they made their choices.

Soon the village grew in numbers and their reputation traveled to other villages. Many desired to come to the village as they had heard of the great freedom that existed there. They felt drawn to the love and the support that was offered to the villagers. As the people felt safe in making their choices, they also felt an expansion of love and a feeling of warmth filled their hearts.

The village grew in numbers and was known for their great capacity to love, honor and respect each other. They prospered and grew and soon the other surrounding villages decided they too wanted the same blessings, and so they adopted the same principles.

These were the principles of freedom, trust, integrity and love. They developed the capacity to loving accept each person as they made their choices. This fostered within the villagers, a great desire to love and support each other in their daily lives. The attitude of respect and honor were forbearing and assisted the people in living lives of great peace and great joy.

I share this story so that you will know that you have been given the freedom to choose and that all choices are honored. This was a foundation of the plan for this journey. There is no judgment, only love.

Your Father and I have desired that you know there are no conditions on our love for you. You are loved fully and completely. It could be no other way for you are our children of light, brought forth in great love.

May this message bring you peace in knowing your truth, that you are most blessedly loved. You are love, My Children.

With Great love,

Your Beloved Mother