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Welcome to a collection of Sacred Jewelry that has been channeled and blessed with the Creators love. They are truly gifts of love for enlightenment. They have been infused with love and blessings using the Galactic Healing and Enlightenment Energies from the Creator by Jan Diana.

As you view these sacred pieces, know that you are being offered many gifts of love to bless you and assist you in your life. It is for you to choose whether to accept these gifts.

These pieces have been brought into creation through the combined efforts of Jan Diana and George Reid, Master Goldsmith.


George Reid at work
Master Goldsmith, George Reid at work

George began using his gifts at an early age. As a young teenager, he began creating jewelry and selling his creations in San Francisco.

Recognizing his gifts and his love of creating the pieces, he went on to prepare himself to create his own jewelry business. George has over 37 years of experience in creating beautiful pieces of jewelry.

He is considered one of the leading designers in the industry and a Master Goldsmith.
George shares his many gifts in the creation of these most sacred pieces.

In 2004, I was guided by the Creator to meet George and begin bringing into reality some most beautiful pieces of jewelry. I like to call them sacred jewelry. They are tools that have brought blessings of love into my life, as well as assist with the evolution and enlightenment of mankind to higher consciousness.



1 - 2004 trip to Egypt
I was told that on my journey, I would find a stone that looked like a ruby.
I found the stone while on a river boat cruising the Nile. It is a Ruby Quartz. Within the brilliant red color are also threads of a bright gold light. The colors match the color of the frankincense essential oil that I purchased in Egypt.

The frankincense oil holds the energy of the balance Male/female, God/Goddess energy.
This is a very blessed stone that radiates great balanced love energy.
I than took the stone to George Reid and had him fashion it into a ring. This was the beginning of the relationship that has fostered bringing forth the Sacred Jewelry.

2 - 2005 trip to Egypt
I was told and received a vision of a sacred pendant to take with me to Egypt.
This was to be fashioned out of Gold and to be a sun shining with a blue topaz crystal in the center. It was to assist me with some sacred work and with the discernment of divine truth as blue topaz is a very useful tool for this.

3 - June 2005
This beautiful pendant is made of Ametrine. This is a combination of amethyst and citrine. Both of these sacred crystals are universally known for their properties of not holding negative energies and of diffusing energy that had the potential to create any imbalances.

What attracted me to this stone is the symbolization of neutrality that it represents in a divine state. You can see that each is magnificent and individual within its own self projecting the energy of neutrality. When the two grew together into a sacred union of purpose, the balance and the love is that is created and projected from this union is most blessed.

4 - July 2005
I call this Sacred Flower on Sacred Flower. The image was given to me of this sacred Geometry. I than brought it to George. This sacred symbol is a representation of Divine Union. This is the perpetual loving between The God, Heavenly Father and The Goddess, the Heavenly Mother, who are always in oneness and sacred union, always and forever.

The crystals are white topaz and rhodolite both working very well with the Gold in creating gentle loving energy.

5 - August 2005
I was guided to have a bracelet to use in my sacred work. This bracelet has lanterns of light. Within each lantern there is a 24k gold sphere with an engraving of the flower of life on the bottom. Each sphere floats within its lantern. On the bottom of each lantern is a different color topaz crystal which is held into place within a flower of life.

Each color has different properties and gifts that are useful in my sacred work. The colors on these pieces are gold, green, red, clear, light blue, dark blue, sherry, and pink.

6 - September 2005
This Beautiful Pendant is a single flower taken from the Sacred Geometry of the Flower of life grid pattern. While traveling in Egypt, I was blessed to have visited and stood upon the ground of the Osirian Temple at Abydos. On the wall there are drawings of this sacred pattern.

This pendant symbolizes the beauty of life and that all creation is part of a oneness of love.
The center stone is a topaz called Anastasia.

7 - September 2005
This is a beautiful pearl beaded headdress with a red garnet stone in the center. I wear it for sacred ceremonies.

8 - October 2005
I had 3 pendants made for my 3 angel daughters. Each has a different stone. They are in white gold, center stones of topaz, light blue, rose, and Anastasia.

9 - October 2005
This beautiful ring has a center clear 11 mm. topaz stone with 106 facets. It is placed in a 6 petal flower of life setting. On each side of the center stone is a golden triangle. On each triangle is placed a blue topaz crystal flower of life, with the center of the flower being gold. On the back of the ring band are 6 gold infinity symbols(figure eights) that interlock.

10 -November 2005
This pendant represents a full segment of the flower of life grid. The flower of life grid is everlasting and without end. Within each of the flower of life centers is a white topaz crystal.

This sacred geometry represents the interconnection of each being. Each being is honored in its individuality while maintaining a continuous connection to the oneness or unity of all beings.

11 - March 2006
This is similar to the larger version, and is purely gold. It does not have the crystal centers.

12 - April 15, 2006
I was guided to find this special crystal to take with me to Greece. The crystal was to be surrounded with a Gold rim and a small golden flower of life.  This is a very pale aquamarine crystal; its cut allows it to radiate light. It is a love stone. It holds the energy of sacred love and enlightenment. The connection to the flower of life is an everlasting love connection.

Available to be order in topaz, blue, pink, gold or clear.

13 - May 11, 2006
This blessed pendant is a representation of the Heart Chakra of the Divine Mother, the Goddess Creator. It has been my logo for my business, Sunshine in Your heart. The design for my logo was channeled by a great Master and friend Benjamin Wood.

I took this logo to George Reid, Great Master and Goldsmith, and he fashioned it into this most exquisite piece of sacred jewelry.  As you can see, it has many sacred geometry symbols within the design.

It is comprised of 12 lotus flower petals. Within the circle of flower petals is the sacred Star of David.  Within the star is a representation of the Sacred Heart.  The center stone is held by 6 golden prongs representing the Flower of Life.  The stone itself is a representation of the Sun, shining ever so brightly.  This pendant holds a sacred diamond that was given to me by a lightworker in a golden rose setting that was my engagement ring.

I received this blessed pendant to use in a sacred ceremony on May 11, 2006 after returning from a journey of love in Greece.



(Photos by George Reid)